Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Lily Padz

There is a local baby store here on my island, Kauai, named Baby Blutique.   That sells everything but a baby. That's what their commercial says too. LOL. But anyways, my husband and I were shopping for our son before we had him and we had placed a stroller and bedside bed playyard type deal and I ended up NOT wanting it so all they give you, by refund, is store credit. And, well with my store credit hubbie bought my nursing pillow. And while he was there the owner suggested that he invest in Nursing Pads.

LilyPadz is nursing pads that is adhesive and reusable. I've gone green! haha. Just kidding. But, it's true. Lilypadz IS a great investment.

First use:
If you purchase the kit it's easier to clean because you have everything you need. Grab the Lily Padz wash. Pump 1-2 pumps and rub with your hands/fingers to lather and then you just gently rub the soap onto your pads and voila just wash and let air dry and you can wear them.

You take the most adhesive side of the pad and then you'll hold the middle down on the opposite side of the pad and press your pointer finger down on your nipple then place the entire pad down onto your areola it should stick. Now, if it doesn't. It may help to moist it with water. It says to keep it dry and then adhesive. I've got a good suction with just a dry pad. If not water, use your milk.

Daily use:
I use the time when I'm showering right before I get into the shower I'll wash my padz with the soap and then I'll let dry. And bam. You can also use those convenient wipes that comes with the kit (or you could purchase them separate) it's for on the go. But, I've used them on my lazy days. It doesn't clean as good as actually washing them. But the wipes have a hint of alcohol in them.

It was so funny, well not really. But, I was SUPER engorged this morning and my milk leaked. Now if you're pad isn't adhesive ALL the way around it WILL leak. Make sure it's down on your breast on the right side because you will leak. Oh and being engorged it was kind of weird because my milk filled the entire pad. It's like my areola disappeared. LOL. because it was completely WHITE :( Be careful and watch if you're engorged.

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  1. Well, I heard that lily padz uses silicone. May be this is a silly question, but is that non toxic?

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