Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Hyland Teething Tablets

Website: Hyland's Teething
Purpose: Relives pain because of teething

Now, I've always been one to try every remedy in the book before giving any sort of medication. EVEN if it's over the counter stuff. But, this time around teething is just phew. My sons teeth came out later in his age. He's just made 12 months on January 7, 2012 and he's got his 2 bottom grillz and his top left tooth is appearing. And, it's taking quite awhile and his gums are red so I'm assuming it's hurting him. I tried letting him chew on toys, it works. His crackers, it works - for alittle while. His sippy cup, it works as well temporarily. Errr. I've had to give him tylenol yesterday because he's just restless it was hard on all of us. So, today when I went to Walmart I purchased him a toothbrush (with the scrubber) that i'll try first before I do his tablets.

Is it working? Definitely.

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