Review: Bedtime Bath

Baby's Bedtime:
Sometimes we all get frustrated when we have a crying baby. My newborn sometimes is very fussy at night or even during the days. Some days he'll sleep non stop I literally have to stand above him to see if he's breathing. But, in the midst of it all, he's fine. It's just you become worry-some because hello? he's fussy yesterday, but today a totally different baby.

Here's MY tips and tricks:
Warm bath. This has worked for my little one. But, I'll only take him a little bath during the day so these are for fussy day time, times. I mean, you may want to try whatever so this can go for night time as well. With my son, I was thankful that he worked well with the "Lavender" bedtime bath for fussy babies made by Johnson & Johnson. I'll use the bath wash and then to sooth him a little more I would use the lotion too. But, he's normally content after just a little bath.

Daddy OR Mommy's Tshirts. My grandma is very superstitious. Sometimes it's just the simple things that.. and believe me not it WORKS. haha. But the thing is it has to be used. It has to have your scent on it. Now, don't use one that you've sweat prefusely in.. that's just nasty. But just a worn shirt you've used for maybe a few hours just to get your smell on it. Something that he/she's use to.

Lullabies. Whether it's coming straight from you or radio. I use my ipod and I use Pandora to sooth my babies. Well, my first baby, she wasn't a baby anymore when I was introduced to Pandora but in her little girl years too she enjoyed listening to the radio. But, with my newborn he loves hawaiian music. Just like his daddy and I, and I didn't name him after his grandfather for nothing (he loves music). Slack Key music to be exact. My son LOVES slack key and Izreal Kamakawiwaole. No doubt, hands down both my kids like braddah Iz.

Car rides. I don't think I hopped in the car to sooth my fussy baby. I somehow managed, not to tune my own horn, but.. HONK! No seriously, not being a show off or super EGOtistic, that's just how it went with me and my first. My son is only a month old and haven't had MAJOR tantrums yet. But, my daughter LOVED car rides. From when she was a newborn. She's a good girl in the car. When we get out is a totally different story. But my son, he's still a newborn (as of Feb 2011), and lets just say when he's hungry YOU BETTER STOP ON THE SIDE & feed 'em, or if he's wet CHANGE HIM NOW!! IT's that kind of fuss with him. He might like car rides in the future, who knows. We're always out and about so he better get use to it. LOL.

Binkyboo. Now, not many moms agree with me on this one. But both my children were binky babies. My daughter loved her pacifier (but I snatched it away when she was 9mos) and my son he loves his binky too. It soothed my daughter on plane rides even fussy car rides sometimes (she may have loved car rides but on those maybe sick days, it helped). Oh and binky sooths them when they're sick too. Believe it or not.

Books. Sometimes reading can help sooth them. Listening to your voice is something all children adore. Especially when they're feeling down, sick, or something of that nature.

Heartbeating. Let your baby/child lay on your chest or even place their head against your chest to let them listen to your beating heart. I know that works with both my children. My daughter loved her daddy's chest more because he's a bigger man so it was cushion all the way around. But me, I didn't breastfeed with her so my pillows shrunk (hence small titties). But my son, he can lay on my chest for hours (even his daddy's) and listen to your heartbeat.